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The Math Machine was established in 2016 by dynamic duo Misha- and Edward Stenri. Their goal was to create a learning environment for students which would be fun, interactive and relatable. As a result, our blueprint was born.
Our methodology includes tutors presenting their maths lessons on a Smart TV and students completing their maths lessons on an Apple iPad with an Apple Pencil, and groups which are limited to six students per lesson to ensure quality attention from our tutors. We supply our Franchisees with unmatched Intellectual Property including bilingual (Afrikaans and English) lesson booklets with matching memos from Grades 4 to 11 (Grades 12 will be added in 2024 and 2025) which contains all student lessons for the entire year. We also developed an Online Operating System which allows Franchisees to streamline and automate their Franchised Business from student enrolments to invoicing their customers.
Our blueprint clearly sets us apart- and on the forefront within our industry. We look forward to growing our footprint with like-minded, dynamic and qualified individuals with the goal to improve, not only our students’ maths well-being, but to ultimately instil a love for learning within each of them.
Franchisee The Math Machine

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