We're pretty cool once you get to know us.


The Math Machine was founded in 2016 by Misha- and Edward Stenri. Misha is a graduate of a B.Ed. ISF degree with her main subject being Math and Edward is a successful entrepreneur. Misha having a passion for math and a love for kids and Edward having a superb business acumen, decided to combine their skills and to establish a math tutoring facility like no other. The result was a program which is able to relate and connect to a new generation of youth.
The Math Machine's slogan "Math Made Relevant" embodies the essence of their tutoring. Minimal class attendance, simplistic environments and modern equipment (electronic whiteboards and iPads) ensure that their tutors are able to connect with their students, and in turn allow them to learn math in a fun and relevant manner.
"Times change and it's our responsibility as leaders, teachers, friends, family members and parents, to change with it for the sake of our youth. We need to relate in order to connect and we need to connect in order to impart. The Math Machine embodies this culture and we believe that by sharing these values, we are able to instil a love for learning in each of our students." - Founder & CEO, Misha Stenri


Meet the bunch that makes this work.

Misha Stenri

Founder & CEO

Edward Stenri

Co-Founder & COO