Generation Z is here and we’re aware of it. That's why everything about our tutoring has been specifically designed to connect with our students, and in turn allow them to learn math in a fun and relevant manner.
Welcome to The Math Machine



Groups are limited to five students per class, allowing our tutors to apply as close to individual attention as possible.


Our environment is simplistic and clean, allowing students to focus only on the necessary.


We make use of electronic whiteboards and iPads to ensure our classes are fun and interactive.


We provide our students (and parents) with exclusive access to more than a hundred online self-help math videos and two hundred tests and memos (All content is in line with- but not limited to CAPS), to assist them when we physically can’t.


Our parents are just as important to us as our students and therefore we provide them with a chair to sit-and a coffee to sip on, whilst their children attend their classes.
Die Math Machine rig wonders met my dogter en haar Wiskunde geletterdheid. Die feit dat Misha en haar span die vermoë het om metodes te identifiseer wat die beste met my dogter gaan resoneer, kan geen geld koop nie. My dogter het ‘n passie ontwikkel vir Wiskunde en dis als te danke aan die Math Machine.


Die Math Machine doen wonders met my seun met hulle unieke manier van klas gee. Dit het nie net sy Wiskunde punte aansienlik laat styg nie, maar het ook vir hom die nodige selfvertroue gegee om die mees uitdagende take aan te pak. Ek is verewig dankbaar!


I have never met anyone as passionate about math and children as Misha and her team. The enthusiasm with which they teach and their commitment to each student is commendable. They go above and beyond what is expected to make sure that the students are well prepared. My son has developed a love for math in a very short period of time, for which I’m exceedingly grateful.


My dogter vind aanklank met The Math Machine se metode van onderrig. Dis relevant, pret en prakties. Dankie Misha en span!


The Math Machine’s extra math classes is a fantastic opportunity for your child to find clarity, confidence and enjoyment from math from a very early age. The foundation for math provided by Misha and her team is invaluable and thorough. My child is growing more confident in her abilities in math, now enjoys math and cannot wait to have her extra lessons at The Math Machine each week.


The Math Machine is the next best thing since sliced bread. We have three kids whom all attend extra math classes. Misha and her team have a very special gift. They have the ability to change our kids’ attitude towards math and communicate with them on their level and as a result, my kids’ marks have improved substantially. I appreciate you, Misha and team!



We offer a unique, relevant solution.


We provide math tutoring for grade 4 – 9 students in Afrikaans and English.

Online Assistance

We try to be as effective as possible during class times. For every other time, we’ve created online content (In line with- but not limited to CAPS) which will assist you when we physically can’t.

Parental Convenience

We value our parents just as much as our students! Bring a book, laptop or just yourself, and enjoy a fine cup of coffee in our Machine Lounge whilst your children attend their classes.